Bidding For Courses and Bidding Farewell


Hello Folks,
I thought I will close out my blog posting with one final post on bidding for courses and say goodbye.

Bidding For Courses:

  1. Ask yourself if you will feel unhappy if you do not get a particular course.
  2. For a course with N seats your bid needs to be in the top N, not by tons of points just 1 will do. If you take Pricing course from Prof. Tech Ho you will hear him say about thinking just one step ahead of your competition (not 5 steps).
  3. You will hear in core marketing from Prof. Rashi Glazer, "Strategy is about making choices". Same goes for bidding strategy, do not peanut butter your points across all courses you want. Make choices.
  4. In the event the course is popular and you do not have information what your classmates are bidding, bid your maximum willingness to pay. Re-read first bullet.
  5. No point (pun intended) in hoarding points. They are useless after the bid expires.

Bidding farewell:
Well folks, two years went by so fast. I cannot believe the number of people I get to talk to and build a meaningful and long lasting friendship. I have not met another group that is supportive and ready to challenge your ideas without discouraging you. It is the people, their high energy and the opportunity to build your own energy reserves from fellow Haasies that made this so rewarding.

If you need to talk to me or read my ideas you can find me in my blogs (shameless plug):
Iterative Path and Unbundled Pricing. The latter is the blog I started for an independent study of Unbundled Pricing I started in fall 09 and I am still continuing with this effort.


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