Play Ball!


As the co-president of the Haas General Management & Strategy Club, I had the privilege to invite Sandy Alderson (former CEO of the San Diego Padres, former Executive VP of MLB, and the mastermind behind Moneyball) to speak at our bi-annual CEO Spotlight Event tonight. During the 1.5-hour presentation, Sandy gave us candid advice on sports management, business practices, and life. Sandy, a long-time leader in the baseball world and a board member of Haas, gave us his take on "leading through innovation" from a sports angle.

Before I dropped Sandy off at SFO, we continued our discussion in my car on the steroid era, the Padres' recent challenges, A-Rod, and our favorite baseball players. As a hardcore fan of everything baseball, I was simply overjoyed to be able to learn from such a knowledgeable, energetic, and genuine leader. When you come to Haas, you will be surprised how many amazing, inspiring individuals you get to meet on a daily basis. I'm glad to be a Haas student.

—Eugene Lin

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