"Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions"


After a wonderful Days at Haas I, the HSAs and our fellow classmates are hard at work rejiggering the event for the next class of admits (and hopefully our future classmates). We’re trying to make it even better than the first, but in the process I’ve realized what’s truly great about Haas; whether it’s the faculty, the Career Services Office, or the students; we’re always looking for opportunities to improve. In this vein, I’d like to share two quick stories with you about my experience thus far.

First, I was taking this Operations class with Terry Taylor—a professor you’re absolutely going to love! He likes to teach through Seinfeld videos. For example, he might use the Soup Nazi to describe how you can reduce variability and run a business more efficiently by training the customer. I won’t bore you with additional details, but about three weeks into the class when we provide our mid-course feedback, he gets the message that some students would enjoy more sarcasm—and the amazing thing, is that he actually gets funnier! More seriously though, professors are incredibly responsive, whether it’s to incorporate additional guest speakers, to change the background color on a set of slides, or to adjust their teaching style to help students learn better.

The second experience I’d like to discuss concerns the Career Services Office; they have exceeded my wildest expectations, despite the economy. As a result of student feedback, they created the Career Management Conference and provided us with two days with which to attend several panels related to the job hunt (e.g., How to Conduct an Informational Interview, Brown Bag with Entrepreneurs, Resume Workshop, etc). This is just one of so many examples, but nonetheless indicative of how far the administration will go to make sure the students are provided with the very best resources available.

Well, that’s all from me for today. I hope you found our “conversation” useful, and I hope to hear from you soon…even if it is just feedback.

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