Three for three?


The summer before I came to Haas, I laid out three goals/dreams for my business school experience. They were (1) learn to play golf, (2) live in London, and (3) get a job in marketing. Since graduation is only a month away, I am doing a progress check.

Have I learned to play golf? Yes. My classmates Michael and John took me to a driving range the day before spring break. I learned the Tiger Woods grip (thanks to YouTube) and managed to hit a dozen golf balls with a swinging golf club (thanks to teacher John). Needless to say, I was excessively proud of myself. Below is a picture of Michael and John on the beautiful sunny day.


Have I lived in London? Yes. I went on exchange last semester at the London Business School. I had a three-month blast. In fact, I loved the city so much that I decided to move there this summer.


Have I gotten a job in marketing? Well, yes and no. I did get the internship of my dreams last summer--working at P&G as an assistant brand manager for the Duracell brand. Right now I have no full-time job lined up yet in London. But I am hopeful that things will work out just fine.

—Helen Ip

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