Marketing 2.0


We had our second session of my "Marketing in Web 2.0" class this week. The class is taught by Andreas Weigend, formerly the chief scientist at and and a respected expert in data-driven marketing and what he calls the social data revolution.

The class is an introduction into the world of emerging social media and the use of social media and social data for marketing and business. Importantly, the class is not just a lecture, it is very much a hands-on experience: I am now on Twitter (even though I still get all the hype around it), we work with Andreas on developing improvements for important elements of the social web, and will implement a social media campaign for a cause of our choice, trying to use all the instruments discussed in class to generate buzz and engagement.

Andreas also brings in some of his friends: Experts from industry working on the forefront of social media. Pretty cool and one of the great things about going to school in the Bay Area.


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