Exciting Weekend Ahead!


As many of you know (from reading the Admissions or HSA blogs... yes, there's an HSA blog now), this weekend is Days at Haas. What is Days at Haas you may ask? It's the admitted students weekend for the full time MBA program. It is filled with mock lectures, panels, fun activities, and food, food, food, all there to give you a glimpse of what student life is like at our school.

This is the weekend that helped me make the decision to come to Haas last year. I met so many enthusiastic, energetic, and friendly students at last year's event, I knew that Haas was the place for me. The Haas Student Ambassadors planned the entire event over the past 2 months to make sure the admitted students have a good time. With dozens of students, faculty, staff, and admissions officers participating, I hope this experience will be as fun and educational for you as it was for me.

More pictures and thoughts after this weekend! Looking forward to seeing many of you this weekend!


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