Super Saturday 2 Recap


Hello again to those of you who I had the chance to meet at last week's Super Saturday. I hope that you all had as much fun as we (the Haas Student Ambassadors) did. I know that there was some nervousness surrounding the interviews, however we hope that the day was fun and informative. As I was walking home after Super Saturday was over, I had some time to reflect on all of the great conversations that I had with many of you. I must say that you are an impressive group and I really had a fun time getting to know you and sharing my experiences at Haas with you. For those of you who were visiting the Bay Area for the first time, I hope that you had a chance to enjoy our beautiful weather over the weekend.

For those of you who are a Round 2 applicant waiting for an interview but were not invited to Super Saturday 2, do not worry. I remember seeing many posts on the MBA blogs about Super Saturday and the awful feeling that I got when I realized I was not invited. However, with only one week before the notification deadline, I received an interview invitation. Do not give up hope! There is still time left.

Best of luck to all of you!


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