Group projects galore!


This semester I am taking seven classes, and five of them require completing group projects...

1) Business and Technology for Sustainable Development - I am working on a three-person team to help TechnoServe's El Salvador country office evaluate export opportunities for specialty fruits and vegetables.

2) Media and Entertainment - Our team will be developing a presentation to address this question: Should Imagine Entertainment produce and pay for another season of 24?

3) Global Strategy and Multinational Enterprise - Our team is evaluating The Ritz Carlton's cross-border strategy.

4) Marketing Communications - We are looking at Sprint's current marketing communications and will be recommending something better!

5) Pricing - My favorite class. Our team will be tackling the challenges of bundling options and reference price setting for a classmate's startup Marine Layer--check out the website, you'd be amazed at the shirts!

With so many projects, I am surprisingly not overwhelmed...because spring break is here! This afternoon I am going golfing (for the first time in my life) with two of my classmates, and then this evening I am flying to London--I heard it's sunny there as well!

—Helen Ip

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