Mexico, Here I Come!


You'd think that after Spring A is over (last week), the week between that and Spring Break shouldn't be too crazy. WRONG! I guess everyone is trying to get a bunch of meetings, projects, and other club events planned before we all take off to wild and exotic places next week.

Anyway, enough of the stressful stuff and on to what I'm looking forward to. 5 nights at a penthouse (yes, you heard me right, penthouse) in Playa del Carmen with 4 of my Haas classmates. Not that I'm bragging (ok, I am =P), but the place is 2300 sq ft big, has 2 bedrooms, full kitchen and living room, and a private deck and pool on the rooftop with our private staircase entrance. Yes, sick, I know.

I promise I'll take pictures and post them here when I get back (or while I'm there, if I have internet). But for now, I'll just have to keep on dreaming about the wonderful trip here in front of my desk, reading cases after cases after cases...


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