Life at Haas with kids


Ok, New Years was a while ago, but who can resist retro-80's pics? We had 'rents in town on New Years...yes!

So, we've catapulted into the fresh beginning of the 4th quarter! Life as a student is still really, really fun. I continue to be amazed by my classmates and classes. Since I've now started to worry that I won't have time to really get to know everyone as well as I want to, Elliot and I have started inviting classmates that I don't know well for dinner. It's a 2 birds with one stone - this way we get to socialize without needing to pay a babysitter. Sneaky.


First week of classes. I have to admit I'll miss Terry Taylor (operations.) He was not only a fabulous professor, but his eagerness and energy was addicting. Ethics tomorrow. As someone who has had a fair amount of formal ethics, (not surprisingly, our doctors discuss ethics) I'm curious to see how it will be handled in this decidedly more 'middle of the road' setting than my previous experiences.

RSV scare with Sofia 3 weeks ago. ER visit until midnight, wheezing, nebs, you (might) know the drill. She's better now. We're sleeping again. I have to say that everything gets a whole lot crazier when the family needs serious extra-attention. I still think I rocked the macro exam, time will tell.

Pic here one week afterwards with friend Ben. In Tahoe. No, we didn't cancel our planned trip to Tahoe. We went with good friends we met through daycare. They have a 4 year old in school with Maya and a 16 month old, Ben. We stayed in a beautiful, kid friendly house.


Finally, a little exercize! Although I should give myself public credit for spinning weekly. Anyway, Elliot and I traded off baby duty and skiing. And, Maya skiis, after 1 day of lessons. Yes, it's great to be 4 years old. Give her a helmet, strap slick boards to her feet, put her on a hill, and bam, she's a pro. Seriously, she knows how to turn and stop. I'm impressed. She was having fun. I think Sofia (15 months) will be on skiis next season. We met a family who had their 2 year old out. The skiis were so short, it was amazing. Hannah will be 4 in January and Sofia will be 2 in December next year. Woohoo! Life begins again.



Maya strutting her stuff.
















Maya and Hannah in December on the beach in Marin. Yes, the Bay Area is second to none.


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