At the end of a fairly prescribed first semester, we were let loose to bid for electives this Spring. How did everything shake out? Among the second years the most coveted courses seemed to be "Power and Politics" and "Pricing." Among first years, "Brand Management" and " Energy and Environmental Markets" seemed to be the buzz.

For me? International Business Development (I'm going to Chile!), Social Sector Solutions, and Strategic Management of Healthcare are keeping me on my toes with group projects.

And of course, there's my role as MBAA VP of Clubs and co-chair of Marketing for the Global Social Venture Competition (if you're in the Bay Area the weekend of April 25, you should definitely check out the Global Finals and Symposium!)

Now that I've thrown out a laundry list of all the academic busy-ness (exciting, educational, but not super-enthralling to read about, I imagine), let me leave you with the latest fad in b-school socializing. Yee-haw :-)

mechanical bull skills!

belting it to Journey
Anyhow, gotta finish some Ethics readings before bedtime... an early morning breakfast with my friends in Oakland (House of Chicken and Waffles... yeah, we've been on a Southern kick), then an internship interview!
'til next time,


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