Super Saturday


The other Haas Student Ambassadors and I are looking forward to the 2nd Super Saturday coming up this weekend. I imagine that for many applicants this day has been marked on their calendars for a while – and with good reason – it’s a unique time for us to learn more about you and vice versa.

I had some thoughts about the interview and how you might approach it. You’ve worked hard on your application and it obviously paid off – here you are. The interview is an opportunity for you to bring your paper application to life. It’s your chance to provide some color, tell some good stories and illustrate what you’re passionate about.

In the morning before Super Saturday starts, you can almost feel the nervous energy in the room. While nerves are a natural, understandable part of the interview experience, they are completely manageable. It’s logical that you would be nervous about something that you don’t know how to do – like flying a commercial airliner with no training. But a business school interview is something you know how to do, even if you’ve never done it before. You’re just talking about yourself – who you are, what makes you tick, where you’ve been, where you’d like to go next and how the Berkeley MBA can play a role in making that happen.

Good luck,

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