Spring Semester Scramble!


Well, the 2nd years promised us that Spring Semester first year is going to be easier. I guess part of that is true. The classes are a bit lighter (only 2 core classes versus 3-4), we're more used to the pace of the half-semesters, and we're all a lot more efficient in how we work.

But (and this is a BIG but), what we didn't realize was how much time it takes to do all the club related activities, project based electives, and of course, the job search. Granted, I'm probably one of the few people who is overcommitted with extracurricular things, but one of the reasons why there have been so few 1st year blog posts here is probably because of how much non-academic related work we all are doing.

A few selected events that students are currently planning (or just planned):
- Energy Symposium
- Women in Leadership Conference
- Asia Business Conference (tomorrow!)
- Berkeley Business Plan and Global Social Venture Competitions
- Days at Haas
- and more!

Throw in the amount of research everyone has to do for each company they're interviewing for, the workload really builds up!

What's the moral of the story?

In my opinion, Spring Semester can be easier than Fall Semester, but it all depends on what electives you take (I love both of my electives right now, Entrepreneurship, IBD, and an Independent Study paper, but the workload is a killer!), what clubs you join, and what conferences/competitions you decide to participate in.

Keep that in mind next spring when you are all in business school, and you'll do just fine. :)


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