Hanging out on the couch


I've been hanging out in the MBA lounge a lot--low-key atmosphere, light-hearted chit chats, comfortable couches--what better environment in which to do some reading for the next class:


It was on these very couches that, one day last week, a fellow second-year and I spontaneously gave unsolicited advice to a first-year who made a mistake of sitting next to us when we were just hanging out. We found out she received two internship offers.

After giving her the congratulations, we immediately began lecturing about how Offer B was the better choice for her, even though she was leaning towards Offer A. We gave examples from our own experiences; we used metaphors; we tried everything to be persuasive.

At the end of our "session," she did not seem convinced. "Only you know what's best for you," I conceded before she left for class.

Well, what do you know. Yesterday I found out she decided to go with Offer B.

—Helen Ip

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