Exciting times ahead


First-years had their welcome back lunch with Dean Lyons a while ago. Yesterday it was our turn to get together for an update on the state of the school and future plans. I don't what to repeat what has already been said in an earlier post, but still wanted to highlight a few of the exciting things ahead for Haas and the Berkeley MBA Program.

  • Core changes: I can't publish any specifics yet, but there will be some exciting adjustments to the first-year core classes that will make the core even more tightly integrated and will equip students with an even better understanding of business issues early on.
  • Faculty: Haas plans to increase faculty to a record size next year with 11 new faculty positions.
  • Strengthening key functions: Along with new faculty hires, a few special initiatives will help to strengthen key functions at Haas and to further integrate research, teaching and the business world.

It also looks like there will be good news for incoming international students. This is not an official announcement yet, but it looks like Haas will be able to continue to offer student loans to international students without co-signers. I know some of these announcements sound fuzzy, and I am sorry that at this point I can't tell you more about the upcoming changes, but trust me: Haas will be an even more exciting place to be in the years ahead.

Of course we also got to celebrate key achievements: Students winning case competitions and scholarships, student leaders' outstanding achievements, and of course Professor Leland winning the Stephen A. Ross Price for the most influential paper in financial economics over the last 15 years. (Professor Leland is teaching Corporate Finance this semester.)


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