Interview Training


No, this post is not about getting ready for the job search, practicing cases or discussing strategies for acing the behavioral interview. Rather, it is about the training for Haas admissions interviewers.

As you might know, most admissions interviews for the Haas full-time program are conducted by current students (on campus) and alumni (off-campus). To make sure all applicants that are invited for an interview receive a fair shot, the Haas admissions committee spends a considerable amount of time selecting, training and calibrating interviewers. To become a student interviewer, I had to submit a written application, went through an interview myself, and attended a detailed student interviewer training session. In addition, all student interviewers will go through an additional individual feedback session before Super Saturday to further refine their interviewing skills and to make sure we all apply equal standards in interviewing prospective students.

Why I decided to become a student interviewer

My own admissions interview (an alumni interview back in Germany) was a key factor for me in deciding to come to Haas, and joining the interviewing team now will allow me to convey my own excitement about Haas to incoming students and to help select a great class of 2011.


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