We're back from London!


Hello, we're back! I, along with five of my classmates, spent the fall semester at London Business School. We came back pale and penniless, but boy did we have (too much) fun! This picture proves that we were indeed in London and that it can be sunny there:

Highlights for me included:

  • Joining the women's touch rugby team,
  • Acquiring a slight British accent from my lovely landlady Rosie,
  • Hosting my friend Roselyn who visited from New York,
  • Enjoying my aunt's wonderful home-cooked meals,
  • Eating bad burgers with the Haas alums who now live in London, and
  • Spending a weekend in Prague with my new friend Vas who thinks I walk too fast.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in London and plan to move there after I graduate. With that said though, I am so excited to be back in Berkeley! I had kept in touch with many classmates through email and Skype from London, but nothing beats saying hello in person and laughing together (mostly at each other) in class.

One of my favorite moments this week was finding my friend Thomas sunbathing on a bench on campus--he was pretending to read. Our conversation quickly turned into MojaMix, a start-up he and another classmate have been working on since last year. I absolutely love their business and have been providing lots of (sometimes unsolicited) feedback. This is a picture of me holding my very own MojaMix cereal:

I'm a fan! You can find them on Facebook and become a fan too! Better yet, create your own cereal at MojaMix.com. I recommend the Granola Crunch base. (This was an unpaid advertisement, brought to you by me.)

Perhaps I should mention the electives I am taking this semester. I am taking 14 credits:

  • Pricing--the professor is hilarious!
  • Financial Modeling--I seriously love Excel
  • Integrated Marketing Communications--this week's assignment is to watch the SuperBowl commercials
  • Managerial Accounting--yawn...
  • Mergers & Acquisitions--most fascinating but lots of homework
  • Global Strategy & Multinational Enterprise--my one evening class...I don't like evening classes
  • Media & Entertainment--I never thought I would learn so much about movies in business school!

It seems like a lot of classes, but many of them meet only once a week, which leaves plenty of time for me to get my tan back!

—Helen Ip

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