Dean Lyon's Welcome Back Lunch


Today Dean Lyons welcomed the Class of 2010 back from winter break with a special luncheon to discuss the current state of Haas. Some pretty exciting news came out of it, and reminded me again why I'm very glad I chose to go to a small business school. Things happen fast and furiously here, and changes where we gave feedback actually can happen while we're here!

Some possible changes:
1. Reorienting the courtyard area (which we love to use as a place to socialize between classes) so it is more conducive to activity. Tables, trellises, study area, etc... Definitely a good way to use the good weather here in California (outdoor study groups, anyone? =P)

2. 1st floor entrance to the main library - this one would make it so much easier to go into and out of the library.

3. Free printing - yay! Enough said.

4. More Faculty - we're hiring ELEVEN new faculty in the next year or two. That's more than ANY other top MBA schools out there. Sweet!

5. Core curriculum adjustments - to reflect some feedback from our class.

I'm looking forward to these (and maybe more) changes coming in the next few months! I love our new dean!


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