Haas Students Place 3rd in Impact Mozilla Challenge


Posted on behalf of our esteemed classmates (Feng Xu, Naveed Alam, Deval Delivala, and Mohsin Afzal) on their experience with the competition.

The title of our plan was "Surf on Your Own Turf" and we proposed a three-pronged approach to help Mozilla retain new and existing users: (1) allowing users to customize their browser during the installation process to increase stickiness; (2) expanding the Firefox brand beyond techies; and (3) sponsoring a browser theme design contest among university students.
Our team of four brought our respective experiences and talents to the contest. Working over late nights of Cheeseboard pizza definitely facilitates bonding. Also, the deadline for the first and final round was always the night of some Consumption Function, so our classmates walking by with drinks and food would tease us for working at a social event.
The link to the contest details: http://blog.mozilla.com/impact/


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