It's Good to be Back Again!


Survived the first day back in school after a 5 week break. Can't believe 5 weeks of vacation went by so quickly! But it is nice to see so many of my friends walking around campus again. The first day was filled with greetings, hugs, and asking each other how their breaks went. I am reminded again of how lucky I am to meet and know so many wonderful people here at Haas.

Had a fun Operations class today. Our professor is pretty young, interesting, and looks a little bit like Ryan Seacrest. A 2nd year student mentioned that the other day and I have to agree, haha.

I'm looking forward to my 2 electives this spring, Entrepreneurship and International Business Development. Entrepreneurship should be exciting because we form teams of 4 to write a real business plan and have Venture Capitalists judge us! Can't get any more "experiential" than that in our learning!

I'm also dying to see where I get assigned for IBD this summer and who my teammates are. Based on the positive reviews from 2nd years, I'm definitely looking forward to my trip in May.

Alright, more to come in future blogs... =)


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