Spring Classes


Winter break is almost over. And while I really enjoy having some time off in Berkeley, I am also eagerly waiting for my classmates to return to start our last semester in style.

This might be the last time in quite a quite for me to go to school, so I took extra care in the fall to select my spring classes (while also trying to optimize my spring schedule to be able to enjoy long weekends in Tahoe).

The class that went for the most bid points this semester was "Power and Politics". Fortunately I already took that class last spring, so I was able to get into all the Haas classes I wanted. So without further ado, here is my list of classes for the spring:

  • Risk Management via Optimization and Simulation
  • Global Management Skills
  • Marketing in Web 2.0
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Energy and Environmental Markets
  • Hal Varian's Technology Strategy

I am also waitlisted for Robert Reich's "Poverty and Wealth" class at the Goldman School and considering going to PEIS 100 (Classical Theories of Political Economy).

I took mostly functional classes over the last semesters, so I felt that this semester I should take a few more industry focused classes.


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