This post on behalf of Nicole Ballin, the co-organizer (with Hansoo Lee) of Ideas@Cal, an entrepreneurial idea generation event.

The Entrepreneurs Association hosted their annual ideation event, “Ideas@Cal” on Friday October 24th. The Haas School of Business was joined by students from the Engineering School, Life Sciences and School of Architecture to form a truly multi-disciplinary audience. Jerry Engel of the Lester Center, urged the crowd to “think big” and take advantage of the myriad of resources offered by our world-class institution and Cal’s proximity to the epicenter of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

Students were encouraged to use the Ideas@Cal event to form teams and generate ideas for the upcoming Cal B-Plan Competition and Global Social Venture Competition with a combined $90,000 in prize money on offer! Then it was on to the main attraction – a fun and informal “speed dating” session within various industries of interest. Budding entrepreneurs with ideas were looking to build out their teams, searching for participants with skills and experience in their area of interest. Others were surfing the crowd, looking for exciting opportunities to contribute to developing a business plan.

Five newly formed teams registered their groups with the Ideas@Cal team and were awarded gift certificates to the local coffee shop to encourage their follow up meetings. All said and done, the event was a great success and we’re looking forward to hosting the next event that will explore ideation theory in depth with a visiting industry expert.


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