Election Season!


I'm sure many of you are on the edge of your seats, devouring every last second of campaign ads, stump speeches, closing arguments, and so on, as we round the curve to election day. But we're having our very own election here at Haas -- for officers for our student government, the MBAA.

But, unlike in the national scene, if you walked onto campus, you'd have little to know idea that we are in election season. Rather than focusing on campaigning and whatnot, candidates simply have conversations with classmates, send out emails regarding their platform, and give short speeches moderated by Charlene, our current VP of Communications.

Yours truly is running for VP of Clubs - I gave my speech today to a crowd of supportive classmates. I was nervous and mixed up the flow of my speech, but on the whole it turned out fine (I hope!). I'm energized for the chance to make a difference in our MBA experience -- and possibly yours, too!

Here's a photo from the MBAA President speeches. I was at kind of an awkward vantage point, but I did my best. Enjoy!


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