Deja vu!


Yesterday I had a phone call with a first-year who is interested in a career in brand management (like me). Normally I like chatting over a meal or coffee, but since I'm here in London for my exchange semester, I resorted to drinking coffee alone with the phone pressed to my left ear.

I shared with her everything I knew, and then we chatted about professors, travel plans, and the upcoming consumption function party.

At the end of the call, she thanked me profusely. At that moment, I thought to myself, deja vu! I remembered being in her shoes exactly a year ago, having similar conversations with the then second-years.

Next year, she will be a second-year, and the pattern will continue. She will generously give her time to help the next class of first-years.

To all the classes who came before us, thank you for building the pattern!

P.S. Now, time for a little update from London:
#1 The weather here is not as ugly as expected.
#2 I joined the touch rugby team at LBS.
#3 The Starbucks here have almond syrup in stock!

—Helen Ip

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