Facebook Connect Case Competition


(This is posted on behalf of Ran, Nipun, and Feng, winners of the Facebook Connect Case Competition)

One of the most exciting aspects of being an MBA student is the opportunity to participate in case competitions and work closely with the best companies in the world.

Everybody knows Facebook, but these past 2 weeks, Haas students actually got to work on a real strategic problem for Facebook. Facebook is looking for a partner for its “Facebook connect” application, and invited Haas students to submit their ideas for partnerships. 26 teams submitted their presentations, and 4 teams were selected for the final that then took place at Haas.

To create a winning presentation, our team – Feng, Nipun and Ran - invested a lot of time, but it totally paid off! We were selected for the final and could present our idea in front of five Facebook judges and our classmates. Preparing and perfecting our story was an awesome experience, in which the three of us bounced ideas off of each other, got to know each other better, and bonded over many late nights. And we won! It was definitely a very rewarding experience and we already look forward to the next case competition at Haas!


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