Long time to blog


Ok. I must admit that I had planned to blog more often than this. And I can't even say that I was too busy over the last few weeks. Yes, I had stuff to do, but overall, I guess I was just having a good time and every time I was going to blog, something else came up - these are exciting times after all.

The geek in me
Yesterday I attended the Free Culture Conference at Cal. Organized by Students for Free Culture and Free Culture Berkeley, this was not your typical MBA conference, but provided very interesting insights into the world of copyright and copyleft, open access and open source. Two years in management consulting and my time in b-school haven't been able to entirely kill the geek in me, so I was especially pleased to listen to Lawrence Lessig and Mozilla CEO John Lilly (Photo copyright fczuardi - used under creative commons attribution license), but the panel on Politics and Transparency was equally interesting.

Today it was time for the annual Pig Roast in Golden Gate Park. Organized by one of our class mates, the pig roast brought a number of MBA students and friends together in San Francisco for drinks, talk and lots of food. It wasn't just pork though: The menu also featured oysters, goat and sheep meat, salads, fruits, and more. The highlight of course was the pig. Or should I say: The highlight of course were the two pigs? Anyway: A wonderful day with lots of sun, lots of fun and lots of good food.

Now back to work. I still have to prepare for my negotiations class tomorrow.


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