The Greek Theatre ROCKS


We second-years know our way around this place. We know what we like, and we want to maximize every second in pursuit of those activities.

Though I'm busier than ever this semester -- our last to 'run' the school (not to mention try to find, you know, a job) -- one of my priorities this fall was to go to more live shows. I went to a grand total of ONE all last year...pathetic given the abundance of amazing acts, both large and small, that come through the Bay Area -- and the Greek Theatre in particular, which a mere stone's throw from Haas.

The Greek is a super cool venue -- an outdoor ampitheater nestled in the tree-lined Berkeley hills that, despite its size, somehow manages to retain the all-important quality of real intimacy between artists and audience.

I've already checked out 4 shows since this summer at the Greek (this pic is of a bunch of us second-years at one of three Dave Matthews Band shows in early September...I'm the guy in the hat; can you tell I'm having fun by the width and toothiness of my smile?! :)).

Since the fall months are so temperate here, there are several shows still coming up. I can't wait.

And by the way - me and my classmates will finally get OUR chance to rock the Greek in May as newly-minted Haas MBA grads. Check out this video for my favorite Haas graduation in recent history. Fast forward to about 30 seconds in...Pretty cool, huh?!


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