It's Been a While...


Finally recovered from my first midterm (Friday night) in more than SEVEN years! It was our Data and Decisions (aka "stats") midterm. To show our Axe Cohort pride (we're definitely the coolest cohort =P), we all wore our navy Cohort Olympics Axe T-shirts and posed for the pictures below.

After all the "pre-game" fun and merriment, we got down to business. It was a 2-hour midterm with 8 questions. Most of it was pretty straightforward, and many people breezed through the first few questions without even thinking. Then #8c hit. The question had me go, "what the heck?!" I stared at it for about 30-40 minutes, attempted to solve it, and then turned in my test right around the end. I guess you need a question like that to separate the boys from the men (or the girls from the women). =)

Because of the Grade Non-disclosure Policy here at Haas, even with the stinger #8c, I didn't feel too stressed about the test (like I used to for engineering). I've already learned what I needed to learn. The grades will come if you know your stuff.

Now I'm going to focus my attention on the Econ midterm on Monday night. Wish all of us luck!


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