The Big Kahuna


I went down to Santa Cruz for my first triathlon with the Cal Triathlon team last weekend. It was amazing. I've been racing tris for five seasons and I never felt so much love from the fans as I did in this race since I was wearing a Cal Tri uniform. From the moment I pulled off my wetsuit I was getting "Go Bears!" and "Way to go Cal." I even got a couple "ROOOOLLLL OOOON YEEE BEEEARS" ... which given how long it would take to yell that you can figure out how fast I wasn't going. The course was beautiful too - swim around the pier (my first ocean swim - I got tossed by a few swells), following highway 1 on the bike, and along a walking path for the run. The best part though was the celebratory In 'n Out double-double animal style on the way home.


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