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*Note: TNABL = Tuesday Night at Bear's Lair

I apologize for the delay in this comic/post; I wanted to wait until the new issue of HaasWeek (our monthly fairly humorous newsletter) was published.

Now in my third week of class, all of the wisdom I got from first-years last year when I was a prospective student is really hitting home.

"First year will be a blur."
"First semester of first year will be overwhelming."
"Figure out what you really want to get involved in early on."
"Learn how to say no, because you can't do everything."

I'm really internalizing that last one, because I feel it's how I've stayed sane these past few weeks. And it's a hard one to come to terms with. I mean, everyone here at Haas is an amazing person who has achieved great things. We all are used to being able to do everything and do it all well. Thus, it's difficult to accept that we cannot pursue every opportunity that flies our way (and there are a ton of them), and we may not be able to commit 100% of ourselves to everything we do.

So, here's how I'm thinking about my time here at Haas. In fact, here's a framework, since it seems like that's how we're doing a lot of our learning in our core classes. I'm dividing my b-school life into 4C's: courses, career, clubs, and connections (a.k.a. social, but "4C's" sounds a lot snazzier than "3C's and an S"). I'm allocating point values to each, indicating the amount of time/effort I plan to dedicate to each: high (e.g. top tier of class/ leadership position), medium (middle tier of class/ moderate involvement), and low (minimal effort, just enough to get by). Club points are 1.5, 1, and .5 for each respective level of effort per club. I'm giving myself 10 points to allocate, and this is what it looks like:

Courses: Low, 1 point (just enough to get by)
Career: Medium, 2 points (I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do, but I'll spend a little time exploring one other niche)
Clubs: Combination, 5 points (Diversity Conference 1.5 points, Ed Club 1 point, NetImpact .5 points, WIL .5 points, Wine club .5 points, HaasWeek .5 points, other TBD .5 points)
Connections: Medium, 2 points (I won't be attending *every* single event, but I'll show up more often than not)

I'm sure my commitments and point values will change over time, but the point is that I can't take on anything more without giving something up. It's helping me sort out what I need to say 'no' to. Also, I'm not necessarily advocating for anyone else to use this method, but it's therapeutic for me to share how I've been avoiding feeling stressed out.


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