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The above title is the one-liner regarding how I feel at the moment. And this is, more or less, great. It's funny, for OB (that's Organizational Behavior, not obstetrics, as I mistakenly thought 1 week ago) we had to fill out a survey of how we're feeling. It's for research of some sort. Anyway, it did lead me to really look proactively at my emotional self.



So, it seems we're pretty much all interested, alert, happy, proud and less anxious, angry and irritated. Anyway, it's really true. I am interested, alert and having lots of fun. OK, I'm a little less proud and a little more guilty than most, it turns out. I'm not surprised by that. I have three children (an opportunity cost of having the luxury of learning about opportunity costs?) and I have an MD, so pride in another degree would be plain silly. To be frank, I'm a little embarrassed at the whole thing. But, I really want to learn this stuff and this is the place to do it: efficiently, well and with a ton of other talented people.


I don't have time to recap the past 2 weeks - and it looks like there has been plenty of Cohort Olympics coverage in the blog-space. I really want to talk a little about class. I'm a nerd? I don't know, can you be a nerd about stuff that is so cool?
Yes, it's stats, but it's about stocks and compensation packages. Economics seems kind of obvious in principle, but learning today about why Southwest's future gas options does not give it a cost advantage was so fun. And interesting. OB is right up my alley, being a poet. Not as scientific, much more people, emotion, liberal arts and culture. So, I love those cases. I've also lived many of them, which also helps.



My assessment so far, is that all of this is far easier than learning about the chemistry of the kidney, for example, which was really complicated. I am beginning to see it like this: in medicine we learned all the complicated stuff in school, but in the end, follow the work-up until you have the diagnosis and then treat. I'm beginning to feel like B-school teaches you all these simple and intuitive principles, but when it's real life, the application is different and challenging every time. I think the 20-80 principle may be on it's head here. Yeah! 80% different and challenge is what I'm looking for.



My study group is really cool, I feel very lucky. We all come from very different places and experiences. I really respect what each person brings to the table and I like our interactions. It's lively, respectful and pretty fast paced. But everyone is patient.



Well, I have a lot of homework, so, off I go. I'll be a little more regular again. Outlook is in fashion again. Oh, and the business plan competition is coming. How privileged am I? Brad Kittredge has agreed to let me join his team for the competition. I am really looking forward to getting involved, I hope I add real value. This leads me back to the beginning. Is this my life? :)


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