A Few Highlights


Beginning of the second week, in some ways, I'm noticing that everyone is starting to find their rhythm. Don't celebrate yet! Because after the club fair this Thursday, plus the company presentation and industry brown bags that began today (with Goldman Sachs), Haas will hit us with the "2nd wave" of scheduling challenges.

I have Econ and Stats homework to do (which is why I'm posting here, King of Procrastination I am), so I'll just post some pictures and list some highlights since O-week:

  • Cohort Olympics: Super duper fun. Enough activities/sports going on simultaneously to keep everyone in the cohorts (of 60) busy. Axe finished a close 2nd, just like last year (the rankings were identical for all 4 cohorts). Conspiracy theories abound. =P I do love our t-shirt color and the team photo though!

  • Alameda Point Collaborative: Axe got assigned to "farming" the local garden. After spending 2 hours digging trenches, weeding, and inhaling the curious smelling "smoke" emanating out of the pile of "dirt", I was quite proud to see the neatly lined rows ready for planting.

  • Karaoke: I love karaoking, and I love "Music Tunnel", one of the Bay Area's best KTV (that's Karaoke TV for non-East Asians) places. For about $10 per person (including a Pearl Tea drink), we had nearly 4 hours of loud, rowdy fun. BTW, Jessica singing Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey is simply breathtaking! I see more karaoke in our future!

Alright, my homework and my newly arrived Lenovo Thinkpad X200 beckons...


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