Cupcake Rehab



I love school.

Math Camp!
- Gardening/setting down an irrigation system at the Alameda Point Collaborative
- Eating 13 cupcakes in 3 minutes at the Cohort Olympics

- First of MANY costumed social events

- And the second

Of course, after all of the fun & games, we started class this week. And in fact, I'm blogging instead of working on econ, but that's cool, because which option is more entertaining for you?. Decision trees? I think not. I'll leave that to Michelle and her cartoon-drawing skillz.

The highlight of my Labor Day weekend was most certainly the Slow Food Nation event held in San Francisco. Cindy, Kent and I headed to the Taste Pavillion around 5pm last night, and stuffed ourselves with amazing cheeses, delectable fish, delightful gelato, delicious Native American dishes, fancy chocolates, and so much more (not to mention beer & wine). You'll be pleased to know that I had no trouble eating a very delicate and delicious cupcake, despite my earlier overdose.

Around 9:30 pm, we dragged our full bellies to the Mission to meet up with others for a night out on the town. For those of you who enjoy the type of bar that would project Fight Club on the wall, I recommend Skylark in the Mission.

Meanwhile, I should get back to work, so I'm ready for the big week ahead - notably, the Club Fair on Thursday. Yay extracurriculars :-)


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