My Study Group


When I learned that I was to be put in a diverse study group with four other people and complete all group projects with these people for the first semester, I was skeptical. I wondered how "diverse" this group could get. Aren't we all type-A overachievers after all?

It turned out that I was completely wrong. I realized soon after my first group meeting that the five of us were so, so different. One of us was a player from the El Salvador national baseball team, one of us is a founder of a charity organization, one of us was a bio major but worked for an i-bank, one of us came straight from Pakistan, and one of us likes to wear orange on Fridays.

We've met three times in a conference room since school started, and I've been amazed by how much I learned every time from each of my teammates. In fact, I'm so glad that Haas forces me to go out of my comfort zone and work together with people who are nothing like me. See how happy we were working on econ decision tree case problem!

—Eugene Lin

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