They weren’t kidding…

First, awesome pictoral description of last Friday minimish!

Second, coming down from the amazing high of last Friday’s finale party was inevitable and it was definitely exacerbated today as we had our first official day of classes. At the end of the day, some classmates and I were hanging out in the Haas courtyard discussing what we thought of the day. Oddly enough, the discussion revolved heavily around the fact that we needed to get our lives in order. How so you ask? Well, any good MBA student will tell you that you can do so by developing a very thorough and detailed schedule of one’s classes, study group meetings, company presentations, career services workshops, club activities and…well, everything!

On my way home, I decided that tonight I would get my life in order as well. Well, here I am three hours later still figuring out how exactly to go about doing that. I first input all of my classes into my outlook calendar, then my study group meetings, then some company presentations that I would like to attend, then club meetings and then stuff like “call mom” just incase...

When I finally got around to looking at my calendar, I noticed that I have double, sometimes triple booked my time! How am I going to make time for the hundreds of things I want to do while I’m here? How am I going to remember to call my mother? Will color coding help? All I can come back to is: They (the much wiser second years that is) weren’t kidding when they said that there isn’t enough time in the day or days in the year to partake in everything there is on offer at Haas. So, please wish me luck as I attempt it anyway and as my battle with my calendar continues!


Screenshot 2 hours into "life organizing" - workshops, club meetings and call mom not yet added


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