I'll keep this one short, since I still have more reading to do.

Another shout out to minimish, you are so awesome with the cartoons! I wish I had your talent. =)

To second Anaal, even though I only had one class today, the craziness began before O-week even ended (I don't have time at the moment to write about O-week, but I think other people here summed it up pretty well). By Friday, we already had emails from three of our four professors, giving us 2-3 cases/articles/textbook sections (ranging from 2 to 15 pages) to read BEFORE classes start! Then you have all the emails about International Business Development meetings, Speaker Series, Career Focus Electives, locker assignments, house parties, Tuesday at the Bear's Lair, Thursday Bar of the Week,, and on and on and on...

I generally have about 10-20 emails in my inbox at a given time, but right now I'm hovering around 50, all emails I've read but still need to take action on. Like Anaal, my schedule is double and triple booked with study groups (our group met three times already), classes, readings, company presentations, social activities, career advising/workshops, etc... And club events haven't even started yet!

Hopefully I'll be able to fit all this in, and find some way of organizing my life better. Right now it just seems a little bit... crazy. More blog entries (and pictures) from me when I resurface...


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