5 things I learned in Math Camp and Orientation


2008berkeleymba.jpg1. The iPhone is really cool. It's crazy how many people have them and how much stuff they can do. Example: we were at a party (a common occurrence during orientation) and a song came on that everyone liked but no one knew. what do you do? download a program, put the iPhone up to the stereo and snap ... the iPhone tells you the name of the song and artist. dope.

2. Get proud. Everyone wears Cal gear and has a lot of pride in Cal everything ... it's great after attending undergrad at a place where the football stadium won an award for having the best view of the mountains ... not for the football
3. maybe finance and accounting won't be too scary. Although the profs said our 3 day course in math camp will likely be covered in the first hour and a half of class, so far it actually makes sense.
4. Life is busy. even before we have real work there are so many things going on
5. This is going to be a lot of fun. The people and opportunities are fantastic and everyone wants to have a good time.


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