Don't Stop Believin'


Whew. I'm writing this post about last Friday night on a Sunday night because it took me *that* long to recover. Last Friday was our "Big Finale" party after a really packed, exhausting, and fun orientation week.

A couple hundred first-years who spent hours upon hours sitting and listening this week


A handful of second years ready to celebrate the end of their internships


Time to let off some steam (in the form of eating, drinking, dancing, and singing)

Here's a scene from last Friday night:

You know that moment. The first few bars of a song start playing and you know they sound familiar (or at least sound familiar to everyone else) because the entire room starts screaming and jumping up and down. This moment repeated itself over and over last Friday, as Pop Rocks (awesome 80s cover band) knocked out hit after hit. Do you feel the excitement of everyone else? Or do you feel the half-dread I feel because I do not know the lyrics to this song.

If you're feeling more like me, here are some of my tips on how to still be a part of that excitement, even when you don't know the words.

Tip #1: Sing the vowels. Trust me, this one works. Most of the held-out notes are vowels anyway, so open your mouth wide, and belt out that aaaaah, aaaaaay, eeeeee, ohhhh, or ooooooooooooh.

Tip #2: Mumble the first part of each line, then sing the last word. Yeah, yeah, you may not know the last word ahead of time, but your brain will pick it up a split-second after everyone else starts singing the first syllable, then you can sing along the rest of the syllables.

Tip #3: If you can't do #1 or #2, just get physical. Jump up and down to the music. Lip-sync. Hopefully no one will notice that no sound is coming out of your mouth because they're so distracted/impressed by your jumping.

Even though I've revealed these tricks, I hope that my classmates don't stop believing that I'm singing along with them. However, just in case one of them decides to put me on the spot, I guess I should spend some time studying the words to these songs.


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