So you think going to an MBA program is all about calculating CAPM in the classroom, giving presentations for case competitions, networking in a bar, and eating free food at recruiting mixers? Well, you might want to think again...

Many of us unofficially kicked off the O-Week (Orientation Week) this weekend at a ropes course in the beautiful redwood forest. I thought waking up at 6 am to attend this event was the hardest part of the day, but I found out that I was wrong when we all had to zip-line down like a missile:

What amazed me the most was how we put our lives in the hands of our classmates. It was the best feeling in the world when you knew that they were on the ground holding your rope and cheering you on while you fought for your dear life sixty feet above the ground:

By the end of the day, many of us went from complete strangers to friends who embraced each other on a tiny piece of rope:

The thirty-six of us survived the first day of O-Week, going home with happy smiles, sore arms, and new friendship:

For more on O-Week, stay tuned!

P.S. Special thanks to my fellow Happy Happy Hippos (the name of my ropes team):

who belayed perfectly while I enjoyed the bay leaves:


—Eugene Lin

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