Conquering Fear


Paradox: When one is moderately acrophobic, yet enjoys "safe" activities such as roller coasters and the possibility of trying out bungee jumping.

The above describes me when it comes to high-flying activities. I guess "safe" is the key word here. If I feel that the "threat of splattering into the ground" is minimal, then I will give the activity a try. =P

The "threat level" of Saturday's ropes course depended on the trust I had for my eight Haas teammates and our facilitator Jill (all of whom I've met only recently). If I didn't trust that they would prevent me from the dreaded thud (the sound I would make if I hit the ground), then I probably couldn't have completed the 60-foot high wire walk and zip line. During the ropes course, I realized exactly why Haas offers the ropes course as a great way to bond with my new classmates. It all lies in the word trust. Normally, trust is built upon a strong personal relationship that forms over months and years. But when one reverses the process, as in the case of the ropes course, a strong relationship between the people involved forms almost instantly. I think of it as a "fast-track" to great friendships.

So yeah, a shout out to Sean, who joined me in conquering some demons on the high wire. I can confidently say that both of us will have fewer problems climbing to high places in the future (pun intended). =P Also, a big thank you to Bao, Sonsoles, Supatra, Chan, Naveed, Aleka, and the daredevil Kent (you are my hero after the blindfolded high wire stunt), for the encouragement and support through this entire process! Jill was spot on in saying that we had one of the friendliest and kindest teams she's ever seen.

Finally, back to the "conquering fear" part. After the ropes course, I'm not only more confident about tackling my fear of heights, but I'm also absolutely sure that I can conquer anything, with the support of my trusted Haasian friends, that life throws at me in the years to come.


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