From Cairo to California


As you guys probably know, math camp is officially over. The two weeks passed pretty quickly and I’m feeling good about myself that I managed to settle in in such a short time. Looking for an apartment was allot easier than I initially thought. I found a spacious one bedroom apartment on my 2nd day in Berkeley that is only 8min walking distance from Haas. The landlord was also very friendly and didn’t even ask me for an ID. I moved in last week and till now she didn’t even collect the first month's rent or security deposit. Now for the average person that wouldn't seem like much, but for those who attended Thomas Gilbert's finance class would appreciate what it means after they calculate the future value of that month's rent using their new HP 12 C finance calculators :-)

I’m definitely happy about my decision to attend the summer workshop. Meeting my new classmates before the MBA stress kicks in definitely allowed me to connect better with everyone. I think I even managed to memorize the names of around half the people I met so far, which given my incredibly weak short term memory is quite an accomplishment. I can’t imagine what I would have done if I would have jumped straight into O-Week... I probably would have forgotten my own name.

The ropes course today was definitely the highlight of the two weeks. Having probably the tallest and shortest students in the program in my team definitely taught me the importance of diversity and how to utilize the different skills that everyone brings to the table. I can say that getting to the top of the giant rope ladder today gave me the confidence boost I needed at the beginning of my MBA experience.


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