Math camp, eve of o-week and the Prius

A little piece of Haas started and completed. Math camp is over, and it turns out that accounting is fun. It's really tidy. It's just all backwards. Debit, credit, credit, debit.

I put in 3 group study sessions with some fellow U village friends. They really helped. Hannah, Shauli, Sagy and Pete rock. We chatted, learned, drank Margaritas (last night), thank you David and learned a little more. It's fantastic to meet so many like-minded, interesting, international people.

Elliot and I have been splitting domestic responsibilities recently in a desperate attempt to get completely unpacked. So, I spent yesterday afternoon with the girls while he went out for rolls of quarters and then to Ikea for a bed. I manged to also do some organizing. Now that is efficiency (for us.)

This is Sofia. Elliot and I have been really struggling with what we should do with her this year. Maya and Hannah both were home with Spanish-speaking nannies until around 2 years old. We wanted to do the same for Sofia and even found a terrific nanny-share situation. Sofia has been home with me part-time and with a nanny since she was born. Weighing all the complicated and imponderable variables, we decided on daycare yesterday. I'm simultaneously sad and relieved. We feel like the freedom and extra attention of a nanny is wonderful, but we also fully recognize that it's not good for anyone in the family, including Sofia, to have stressed out, less available parents - dropping off and picking up 3 children from 3 different settings every day under our circumstances might have put us over the edge. Sofia and Maya will be in buildings right next to each other.

Elliot got the bed. Anyone who says a Prius is too small is hereby proven wrong. Check it out. We have 3 car seats lined up in the back and when needed, we carry large furniture around as well.

This is 1 double stroller, 1 bed, 1 mattress, slats, 3 car seats and all packaging.
We also fit 4 adults along with our 3 kids the other day. Of course, 2 of us were in the back-seat wells, but I challenge anyone to improve on that person-mileage!
Ropes course tomorrow. Why am I getting out of bed before 6am? Having gone through residency, done OB for a decade and as a mother of 3, I rarely willingly forgo sleep. This is a benefit of B-school from my perspective. On the other hand, I love ropes courses and can't wait to spend time with my classmates. I'll let you know.


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