Summer is almost over


There is talk of Math Camp among the first-years, and many of us second-years are wrapping up our internships.

Just when I finally got my morning routine down, I only have three weeks left at P&G. Not having a car in Danbury, CT, hasn't been easy. It takes me 40 minutes to get to work every morning, even though the office is less than 4 miles away. Fortunately, there is one other Duracell employee who also takes the bus to work, so I have company.

Derrick is in his early 50s and works in the Purchasing department ("I help save the money that you marketing folks spend," he told me on the first day we met). Throughout the summer, he has acted like an uncle to me. As we waited at the bus stop, he listened to stories from my weekend adventures (trapeze class, countless trips to NYC, pool party at Mt. Kisco). He told me about the nearest grocery stores and Taco Bells. He showed me how to tie the line to a fish hook the day before my friend Rudy and I went fishing for the first time.

Yesterday, Derrick finally realized that my internship was almost over.

"How many more weeks do you have left?" he asked me.

"Three more weeks."

"Wow, I'm going to miss it when you're gone."

I was so touched by this that I was speechless.

"Because that means the summer is almost over," he added.

—Helen Ip

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