Summer update: Spain 1 - Germany 0


My summer project brought me to Milan, so instead of watching the Euro Cup final with my friends in Germany, I was wandering around Milan Sunday night to find a place to watch the game. After Italy lost their quarter-final against Spain, enthusiasm in Italy had cooled off significantly and a number of local bars did not even bother to turn on their TVs.

On the Piazza del Duomo, however, a large outdoor screen presumably had been set up to allow people to celebrate the Italian team's victories, was still up and running and a group of around 100 Spanish fans and quite a few Germans had already gathered there by the time I arrived a few minutes before the start of the game. (Please excuse the bad picture quality - I had not brought my camera and had to take pictures with my phone.)
Around 5 minutes into the game thunder set in and it started to rain heavily within an instant. By that time I could have known the game would not end well for the German team: As all the German fans had fled into a nearby "shopping mall" (not as big as your average American mall, but way cooler) a group of Spanish fans was still out there on the Piazza soaked, but still waiving their flags. With fans like this and a fantastic game, Spain definitely deserved to win the cup.

I will be in Milan for the rest of the week and then go back to Germany for the rest of the summer. So far, it is fun being back at work. As much as I love school, it is nice to be able to apply your freshly learned skills in the real world. But: I really look forward to coming back to Berkeley for my second year. It is too bad there is no third year... I kind of like the idea of going back and forth between work and school.

Pictures: Inside the "mall" and Spanish fans out in the rain.


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