Hello? Summer updates.


I am now a third of the way through my internship. When I meet people in the office and they ask me where I work, I tell them, "I'm in marketing."

It still sounds kind of weird to me. For five years I was a consultant and I had done nothing marketing-related. Now the words "I" and "marketing" are forming their own sentences! It takes some getting used to.

What's new? I've made some progress on learning the guitar. My teacher is only okay, so I might just start learning it myself. There are lots of free lessons online. I miss my Berkeley voice teacher Jonathan terribly.

The best news of the week is I now have a TV! I was at a social event at work the week before, and this guy and I started talking about watching TV (what else can one talk about with a HR manager?). He said, and I quote, "I have a TV, but I never watch it--I don't even have it plugged in."

"Lend it to me for the summer!" I commanded this guy whom I had just met two minutes before. (As I learned in Leadership class, coercive is one of my dominant leadership styles.)

The rest is history. I have a TV in my apartment now (I'll try not to complain about the broken remote control). I watched every minute of Ugly Betty, including the commercials, and I probably had a smile on my face the entire time.

I will also be studying abroad at the London Business School in the fall, and after the semester is over I will travel around Western Europe by rail. I can hardly wait!

—Helen Ip

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