Haas for Students


I just made my pledge and donated one day of my summer income to Haas for Students. Haas for Students is our matching fund for students with internships in the non-profit sector. It is mostly funded by students (pledges and fund-raisers) and matching donations from employers.

This year's pledge drive started a few days ago and within just 4 days, our chief fund raiser and MBAA VP of Community Service, Omar, has already collected more than $20,000 to support our fellow students over the summer.

Over the course of the fund raising drive, I also had a chance to see some of the projects my class mates will be working on. I have never really considered a career in the non-profit sector, but I must say that some of the internships my class mates have secured for the summer look really tempting. Interested in setting up a WiMax network in Ghana? Come to Haas.


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