Haas Students Travel to Wharton for Health Care Conference: Feb. 21-24


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Over the weekend of February 21-24, Becky Messing, Jenn Van Roeyen, and James Platts traveled to Philadelphia to attend Wharton’s annual health care conference. Becky and Jenn are the two current co-presidents of the Haas Healthcare and Biobusiness Club (H2B2), and James is one of the outgoing club vice presidents. The purpose of the visit was at least threefold:

  1. To educate several of Haas health care club leaders in major health care issues affecting students and young professionals
  2. To gather information for the benefit of Haas’ own Business of Healthcare Conference (held in early February)
  3. To further spread Berkeley’s good name in MBA health care circles.

Wharton’s health care conference has been going on for more than a dozen years, and has achieved a venerable size and scope, now covering multiple days and with a wide range of panels and keynote speakers. By all accounts of the visiting Haas students, the conference was a resounding success, both for Wharton and for the visitors from Berkeley. We were able to network with a large number of students and professionals — primarily from the east coast — and talk up both the program and students at Haas who are involved in health care.

We also gained valuable insights that will help make our relatively new health care conference in Berkeley a bigger, more recognizable event going forward. After two successful health care conferences at Haas, beginning last year, we hope that over the next several years we can achieve the size and fanfare of the Wharton conference, with a particular focus on the students and health care professionals on the west coast.

All in all the trip was a highly worthwhile experience for those who made the trek from sunny California to snow- and sleet-covered Philadelphia in late February. Additional thanks to the generous funding from H2B2 and the MBAA that made the trip possible.

—Becky, Jenn, and James

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