A quiet weekend


This weekend was C4C Sports weekend for all the west coast schools. Still suffering from a cold I had decided to stay in Berkeley to enjoy a very quiet weekend. While I had some work to do for classes and projects (not to forget studying Italian for my language class), I did have a lot of quiet downtime and spent most of my weekend in local coffee shops and at home, which was a nice change from some of the craziness of the last weeks.

Next week will see the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. While more of a geek-meeting that an MBA conference, the conference brings together an interesting line-up of speakers. I had the opportunity last year to fly to San Francisco for the Web 2.0 Expo as apart of my previous job and was pretty impressed with the startup-vibe there, some I am super excited to go back next week. Haas' Digital Media Club managed to secure some free all-access passes (not the restricted expo pass I had last year), so this year I will be able to see all the conference has to offer and get one of those free lunch boxes.

In addition to the conference and regular classwork, the German community at Haas will get together once again next Wednesday, my team is busy competing in the competitive strategy game simulation, our IBD project is picking up speed and several projects are due within the next two weeks.

Right after the conference I will also fly to London on Thursday night for the weekend, so the next week will be rather busy once again.

Finally, Here is another Haas startup that I would like to pitch: IndieGoGo went live this spring, providing a platform for independent filmmakers and movie lovers to get together. Producers can present their movie projects to a worldwide audience on IndieGoGo and fans and supporters can pledge money to produce their films. The first production, Lilliput, has recently finished a first financing round, collecting a total of more than $10,000 from donors, allowing the producer to shoot a sneak-peek of the movie. IndieGoGo was founded by two current MBA students at Haas, Eric Schell and Danae Ringlemann together with Slava Rubin and currently works out of the Lester Center's Incubator.


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