Plugging the Marketing Club


Our Marketing Club Prezs hit two home runs this week. For Tuesday, they arranged a private reception with Professor Emeritus David Aaker. Professor Aaker was at Haas to do a session for the whole school, the reception was set before his school wide address and was exclusive for the due paying members of the marketing club.

David Aaker, spent an engaging hour with a small group of Marketing club members. His favorite answer for a question is, "you know I have written a book on that, have you read it". Which is true, he has written several books which are arguably seminal works on Branding and Marketing strategy.

For the very next day the fearless leaders of the amazing Marketing club successfully convinced Professor Rashi Glazer to spend two hours of his time talk to us about a variety of marketing topics.

So for the class of 2010, if there is only one check left in your check book write it for an amount that covers both the DMEC club and the Marketing club.


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