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During Days at Haas, a few new admits asked me whether I am currently going for any of the certificates (specializations) that Haas is offering. Unlike some other schools, Haas does not require students to declare an area of specialization, but we can chose to pursue a certificate in one of the following disciplines:

All these programs prepare students for roles in the respective industries and students can elect to enroll in one or two of these certificate programs or (like me) decide to take classes across the board to pursue a very broad education. All certificate programs offer recommended gateway classes for the spring semester and then suggest a list of electives that fulfill the requirements for a specific certificate. Of course, students enrolled in a certificate program still take the full set of core classes and can take a number of classes outside their specific program.

I am a boring person: I was a consultant before coming to Haas, I will spend my summer in consulting and plan to go back into consulting after graduation. so I felt like I would not benefit much from choosing a certificate program. Instead I am taking classes touching a number of different areas, including some that are recommended for the MOT and the Global Management certificate.
Of course, not having a defined set of classes as in a certificate program actually makes picking the right classes much more difficult. To help students deal with course selection, in addition to all the official information channels most career focused clubs offer information sessions on second year electives this week. In these sessions second year students talk about their choice of classes, recommend sets of courses for specific career choices and offer advice on which classes to take to complement career specific class offerings.
I haven't yet finalized my list of classes for the next year (and I am still considering taking another Italian class and possibly a class at the Goldman School of Public Policy). I have come up with a short-list of classes for my fall semester though:

  • Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
  • Marketing for High-Tech Entrepreneurs
  • Doing Business in China
  • Innovation in Services and Business Models
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Competitive and Corporate Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy

I guess I will have to scale back that list a little bit...


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